HI!! For those that don’t know me, my name is Maya aka Maika I created my blog ohsomaika a few years ago to share my life and love for health and wellness in a simple, relatable way in the hopes of inspiring you guys to find that same love and live an all around healthier lifestyle with me. ...


I grew up in a very health conscious household. My mom is a Chinese medicine doctor and I always followed in her footsteps in regards to eating Whole Foods and using plants to heal my body. She taught me about prevention and protection and how to be in tune with my body instead of ignoring the signs overtime and going for something that will have a short term fix but will not truly take care of the core problems.

When I turned 20 and decided to pursue running professionally, I got really wrapped up in the wellness world which isn’t a bad thing, the timing was just unlucky because shortly after starting my running career I got diagnosed with PCOS and was dealing with horrible bloat and digestive issues. I was 15 lbs. over weight, had painful acne all over my chin and felt horrible at practice. I became desperate to see instant change because it was hindering my performance in my sport. I ignored my instincts and everything my mom taught me. So instead of getting in tune with my body and going back to the basics I just immersed myself in any diet I’d see on the internet or in a book, that someone claimed changed their life and health instantly. Fast forward to a year or 2 of that madness, and no change in my body, I finally blocked out all the noise and thought about what health means to me? How do I reset? What makes me feel good and what foods truly fuel my body?

 I don’t care if you’re vegan, keto, pescatarian etc because again, every body is different and the specifics of what works for me might not work for you.  Which is why I want you to look at my blog, reset or instagram as a tool to learn about your body and use that knowledge as an inspiration to further educate yourself on things that will improve your health. 

© 2017 by Maya Aviezer 

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