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My name is Maya aka Maika I created my blog ohsomaika a few years ago to share my life and love for health and wellness in a simple, relatable way in the hopes of inspiring you guys to find that same love and live an all around healthier lifestyle with me. ...

I’M 24 YEARS OLD! I run track professionally. Representing Israel! I grew up in an extremely health conscious household. My mom is a Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist. She has been my inspiration since day 1 to learn about the power of plants and how to heal my body with food. Every time we eat it’s a chance to nourish our body and being an athlete I take that seriously. At one point I got really wrapped up in the wellness world which isn't necessarily a bad thing, its just hard to know what is best when there's so much information out there being pushed onto you. Everyone preaches about how amazing their diet and lifestyle is so it's easy to feel lost and start to question yourself.  Every body is made differently and the specifics of what work for me might not work for you! Thats why when it comes to anything health and wellness, I want my blog, instagram, ebook to be a tool for you to be able to navigate that world and get back control of your health in a less complicated and intimidating way. 

Let's create a better version of yourself not a different one. 

Besides health and wellness I really just love to be open and share alot of what I go through in life. Its important for me to talk about things that people don’t normally like to share or be honest about because there’s so much fake stuff out there in the social media world giving us an unrealistic expectation of how life should look like and be. So I just want to be relatable and a good role model to those who take the time to read what I have to say, especially young women so they have someone they can look up to and trust. 


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