This time of the year SUCKS!!!! For those of you that like the cold I genuinely believe there’s something wrong with you🙄 BUT I’m still willing to help😂 because no matter how much you like the cold, we both know there’s a pretty high chance you’re going to get sick. If that happens, I GOT YOU! Below are my favorite ways to kick your cold in the ass or prevent it from happening so you can continue being a phsychopath enjoying your -2 degree weather.   For your nose: Things you will need: - Eucalyptus essential oil - Steamer or boiling water in a bowl - Neti pot - Hand towel First things first. Let’s open up those sinuses. Get those juices flowing. First I like to use the pressure points underneath my eyes to get the area ready. I’m leaving a link to diagram here because it’s too difficult for me to explain where it is. But on the link page scroll down to pressure point number 4. I use my thumb or knuckle because it fits in the spot perfectly. Next take your boiling hot bowl of water or your steamer. Add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil in there and cover your head with the towel. Let your face get a nice steam and breathe in all that goodness. By now your sinuses should be opening up a little bit. The last step is a netti pot. NOW I know it seems sketchy and stupid but this stuff works I promise. I kind of think the one where you squeeze in the water without having to tilt is easier to use for beginners but both are great and pretty simple! For your chest: Combine coconut oil with eucalyptus oil together (great for kids as well). Spread it onto your chest and wash your hands after of course so you don’t get that shit in your eyes lol. If you’re coughing uncontrollably crush garlic, lemon and honey together into a gross syrup-like situation and slurp it up. Garlic is a natural cough medicine and the honey helps it taste better AND helps with the coughing/ leaves a nice coating on everything as well. Also if you’re not vegan, chicken bone broth really helps break of the phlegm. For your overall cold: Supplements you should take daily to get it out of your system: - Zong gon ling . A Chinese herb that helps get rid of flu like symptoms. So if your throat is bothering you, you have a fever coming on etc., this helps A LOT. - Yin chiao  . You can either buy it on its own or buy the Wellness formula from Whole Foods in the liquid form. It’s basically just yin chow with some other helpful herbs like echinacea. -Oregano oil . IMPORTANT. This stuff is a natural antibiotic. It will kill all the bad bugs in your gut. Take it everyday for 4 days a couple times a day. But make sure you take a probiotic with it as well because it will kill the good bacteria in your gut along with the bad. Don’t take oregano for more than a week though. Take a break because it’s pretty potent. - Echinacea  is amazing at fighting the flu and lowering inflammation. - Vitamin C and D . Both are a must have during the cold season. Even if you don’t feel a cold coming on it’s important to take these 2 vitamins daily!!! - Elderberry syrup is also great to start taking before you get sick. It’s not as effective once you already caught something. For your body: Epsom salt bath with lavender. Drink 3 liters of water EVERYDAY! You need to do this everyday regardless, but if you don’t normally now is the time to start because you need the extra fluids to help flush your body of the sickness. Last notes: Avoid sugar or sugary foods even when they are natural like banana etc because it will feed the sickness. Stay away from dairy. It will just congest you even more than you are now. Coffee isn’t ideal while you’re sick as well. Don’t put anymore stress on your body or adrenals. Plus is dehydrates you🙄 Switch to some tea with honey, lemon, ginger🙌🏻 Sweating is GREAT. Take a hot shower, bath, private saunas because they clean them right after you (don’t want to get people sick). Going on walks can also make you feel better. Alright that’s all I’ve got! I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck and stay healthy my loves!