I know you won't believe me when I say, "I hate cardio just like every other non-insane person on this planet." Whoever enjoys running long distance ESPECIALLY on Thanksgiving..... you guys are aliens.

Here are 2 fun cardio options! Both are fat blasting, calorie burning cardio workouts that don't require you to run for an hour while you come up with ways to off yourself. 


Go find a steep hill or inclined treadmill. If you're on a hill, obviously I can't tell you what speed to punch in haha but walk pretty fast- the kind of walk that makes you feel like you're a 45 year old soccer mom holding hand weights. If you live in LA, some great uphill hike options are: Los Liones, Runyon Canyon (from the Fuller Gate entrance) and Zuma Ridge trailhead in Malibu. If you're just finding a steep street then walk up and down for 15 mins non-stop!!


Bring the incline to a 13.5% and a 3-3.5 speed. Stay there for 10 mins. Bring the incline down to a 9% and walk at a 4-4.5 speed for 5 minutes. Bring it back up to as high as the treadmill incline can go and walk at a 3.5 for 2 minutes to finish! KEY RULE: Do not hold onto the handles of treadmill. Pump your frikin arms! I'm not making you run so be thankful that you're walking. 


YES, I hate cardio but I am also a professional sprinter lol. So I like to just get a good sprint workout in and call it a day. Sprinting and walking are both insane calorie & fat burners! Sprints get your body to continue to burn those cals post workout. So here is a sprint workout you can do on a track, hill, or treadmill. I prefer the treadmill because you can control the speed and incline but if you don't have access to a treadmill, just apply the times below to the track or random neighborhood hill!


-2 minute warm up at a fast jog. 0% incline, 6-8 speed. 

- Incline 9-11% (pick your level of death). The incline you choose stays for the whole workout. DO NOT LOWER IT. 

-45 second sprint (with incline) at 80% so around a 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 speed. 

- 30 second rest.

- 30 second at 95-100%  10, 11, or 12 speed. 

-30 second rest

-45 second at 80% speed.

-1 minute rest

-30 second sprint at 95-100%

-30 second rest

-30 second sprint 95-100%

-1 minute rest

-1 minute at 75% so 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 speed.

-30 second rest

-30 second sprint AS FAST AS YOU CAN GO! Run your fastest speed.

-RECOVER! Walk for 2 mins.

DONE!!! Takes less than 15 mins to die lol. 

Try it out and tag me so I can see what you think!