It’s a weird time right now because It feels like everything is put into such extremes. There’s no balance. We are losing our ability to be in touch with our feelings and trusting our intuition. It’s turned into this society that just follows the next big trend or person we notice getting a lot of attention. I look at people around me and listen to how everyone speaks about dating; it’s either FUCK feelings, I’m going to keep my guard up so I can keep things separate and protect myself. OR it turns into, omg I let my guard down and now we have feeling for each other so I’m jumping into a committed relationship. Which usually happens because they haven’t let their guard down with someone in so long that it feels like they need to act on it. I have to admit I’ve been there before on both sides because in the past nobody talked openly about these things so I didn’t really know how to navigate my feelings. Let me set something straight for you. Don’t be afraid of feelings or go into situations saying, “I’m going to be closed off.” Not only does that not work, it makes everything less enjoyable and is kind of a waste of time. Being a lover, having feelings, doesn’t make you weak. And doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship with every person you connect with on an emotional level. IT'S OK to have feelings, it’s ok to care about someone you’re seeing, even if it’s casual.... to wonder how they’re doing and want to spend time with them. But it doesn’t mean you need to attach yourself to that person and turn it into something more than it is. Not every love is meant to last forever, and learning that, acknowledging that, has made such a huge difference for me. I used to get so wrapped up in that feeling of love or infatuation that I lost myself and my path a lot of the time. We put so much pressure on love and relationships and try to make it black and white, we are always trying to define things and put a labels on them. GO WITH YOUR GUT, express how you feel, be open and honest with the other person and with yourself if you want to be. And, BTW I am not sitting here trying to tell you that you should never get into a relationship, I’m just saying feel it out and don’t get so intoxicated by the feelings that you’re unable to see clearly. Always take a moment to step outside of the situation and look in. Make sure you’re not losing yourself or ignoring red flags and getting into situations/relationships you’re not sure about or not ready for. TRUST ME it happens. There may come a time when your “love story” will be over and you guys will go your separate ways for whatever reason might be after a week, a day, 1 year, but you don’t need to ghost that person or make it a whole fucking ordeal. Just say how you feel and move on with your life. My generation is so ridiculous. Everyone is always playing games from the start and trying to be someone they are not. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. Please!! You’ll never be able to enjoy love that way. It’s ok to feel heartbroken, it’s going to happen more than you’d expect, especially if you become more open with your feelings but it’s so fucking worth it. So don’t be afraid of it! Trust yourself and put yourself out there. We need more love and vulnerability. Stop saying fuck feelings and start FUCKING FEELING.