"Alone." A word that everyone is afraid of- that I used to be afraid of! We get so used to doing stuff with other people ... Eating together, shopping, traveling, living ... A lot of us need our friends to go to the restroom in public places. 😂 Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE being around my family and friends and doing stuff with other people so much to the point where sometimes I forget how important it is to be ALONE. We are stuck with this idea that being alone automatically means we are "lonely." That we NEED to have a lot of friends or a significant other to feel whole, and let's be honest, those things matter! We don't want the extreme side of dying alone, but we shouldn't be afraid of being alone for long periods of time either! I know many people that are so uncomfortable with the idea of being alone that they would rather stay with someone that's bad for them forever. I'm lucky enough to get to travel around the world alone doing what I love! And in the beginning I was scared & felt uncomfortable just sitting somewhere by myself with my thoughts or trying to figure out where to go / what to do without the comfort of having a friend by my side. But now It's one of my favorite things ever going to coffee shops alone early in the morning or getting lost somewhere I've never been! Discovering cool little spots or meeting someone new! When you go through certain things in life on your own, you learn a tremendous amount about the kind of person you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and most importantly you learn to love yourself! Which is the best part🤗 So be the best version of YOU by loving who you are after spending so much time with yourself & REALLY getting to know the person underneath it all. My advice is to find time every week, sit alone for a couple of hours with your own thoughts, in a new environment & see what happens 😊 Make new friends! Try new food! Get lost in a city you've never been! These are the things that make a difference ❤️ Don't be afraid to be alone! Because "if you are never alone you cannot know yourself."