As a woman we are taught to be hush hush about our cycle and when we get our period. It's always a topic that people feel uncomfortable discussing. Probably because a large percentage of woman just don't really understand their cycle and how important it is to learn about how it all works beyond just the few days we bleed. In this blog post I will go over each phase of our cycle and give some advice on how to adjust your diet during each phase.

We have 4 phases:

Your follicular phase. This phase happens before ovulation so your body is sending hormones from your pituitary gland ( tiny area in the base of your brain that produces hormones) to tell your ovaries to get ready for the egg release which happens during ovulation. This is a good time to set intentions and journal about your goals for the month.

Ovulatory phase- is the release of the egg. You're fertile. High estrogen spike. You're likely to be most social during this time so take advantage!

Luteal phase - Your hormone levels begin to decline so make sure during the second half approaching your period you take time to be alone and take care of yourself.

Menstrual phase- aka your period. This is when you shed your uterine lining. Your progesterone and estrogen are low. You wont be very social during this phase. You're the most in tune with your feelings during your period because of the way your decrease in hormones effects the communication of both sides of your brain. AKA fuck anyone that says we are useless during our period cuz this sounds like a god damn super power to me!!! This is an amazing time to strategize and analyze in your work and personal life. I spend majority of my time alone thinking big picture, reviewing my relationships and goals making sure everything feels and looks right.

OK now lets get into how to eat during each phase!!

Follicular phase

This is when your hormones start to rise again post period. You want to eat foods that make you feel energized and help get your estrogen back up so make sure to add in phytoestrogen foods like flax seeds, tempeh, dried fruit, and miso. It's also important to focus on liver health during this time to make sure it's ready for the ovulatory phase when it will work to flush excess hormones out of your system. I drink burdock root tea with lemon at night for this!

Grocery list add ons to incorporate:


flax seeds




Dried apricot





This is when your estrogen levels are at their highest. This usually means a spike in energy as well but something to be aware of is if we don't eat right and support this phase your body will go a little over board with its estrogen production and that's usually when you experience hormonal breakouts. So the key foods to eat during this time are those with plenty of fiber and antioxidants. Since this is a hot phase in your cycle, cold foods like salads and green smoothies are amazing ways to get in those nutrients you need to help your body metabolize the excess estrogen being produced. Another thing to remember is that your metabolism is a little bit slower in this phase of your cycle so you don't need as many calories and carbohydrates.

Grocery list add ons to incorporate:


Brussel sprouts


celery juice



chlorophyll drops in water



leafy greens

Red bell pepper

Luteal phase

The phase right before your period. This is an important time to really tune into your diet because this is usually when we tend to lean towards junk foods because of our cravings. The cravings are there for a reason. Its a sign to eat more because we need more during this phase. The American journal of clinical nutrition says that during this phase of your cycle you need more calories because your metabolism is working faster. Which makes sense why we are more hungry during this time. Don't restrict, lean into that hunger confidently knowing that you're fueling your body with what it needs to prepare for menstruation. Another important thing to focus on is your intake of B vitamins because that's what helps produce progesterone and stabilize your blood sugar.

Load up on slow burning carbs like sweet potatoes and rice to keep your cravings at a minimum and your mood stable. You still want to be eating fiber rich foods to continue to help flush out the estrogen from your ovulatory phase and if you experience bloat during this time like i do, incorporate cooked collard greens, and drink magnesium before bed to help with the fluid retention.

Grocery list add ons to incorporate:

collard greens


Sweet potato

Brown rice


navy beans

Red meat



Our hormones are at their lowest during menstruation. This usually leads to low energy and bad moods. A good way to combat this is by making sure we eat nutrient dense foods and incorporate plenty of protein and healthy fat. Fat has been shown to improve testosterone and progesterone which will help you prep for ovulation later in the cycle. Then the amino acids in the protein you eat will help with hormone synthesis.

Grocery list add ons to incorporate:

Seaweed snacks

kidney beans,

buckwheat noodles

Buckwheat cereal to replace my oatmeal

wild rice

blackberries and blueberries


Sweet potato


Ground bison


Any veggies and bone broth that look good to make soup (:

Hope this helps!! Please let me know if this helps improve your cycle and stay in touch with me on Instagram! xx