Yes, you read that right. VAGINA!!!!! Oh em geee how awkward.... except it's not!! Vaginas are a thing everyone... they exist! SHOCKER! Believe it or not, keeping your vagina healthy and happy is something you should add to the top of your list, next to brushing your teeth and shaving your legs. Nobody likes to talk about this kind of stuff, but I say EFF it! I'm trying to help you nuggets in every way I can from head to toe.

TOP 5 ways to keep your vagina happy! 1. STOP washing and spraying your little friend down there with 600 different scented douches and body washes. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! GIVE HER A BREAK! If you follow these 5 rules you won't be needing them anyways. Use chemical-free, scent-free, body washes and pads/tampons. All of those scents and sprays are messing with your PH which leads to infections, irritations, and a very unhappy vagina (not what we want). 2. AIR THAT BABY OUT. If you're wearing tight jeans all day long or stay in your workout clothing all day, there's a good chance your suffocating you know who down there... and she's probably going to get some sort of yeast infection eventually because of it. Try wearing cotton underwear when you can, commando even! If that's not your vibe, then just do this stuff when you get home. Also, I always keep a change of clothing in my bag or car. Even if it's just a change of underwear honestly, it makes all the difference! 3. COCONUT OIL 🌴 Slather that stuff... everywhere. I mean literally EVERYWHERE.🙈 4. ORGASM! Yep! You heard me! I did say we are trying to keep your vagina happy too 😉lol but seriously, orgasms help level the hormones in your body. It releases oxytocin which in turn lowers cortisol, the main stress hormone. Then helps balance out your estrogen and thyroid to make sure everyone stays in their sweet spot, able to serve you! 5. Stay away from sugar! "Wherever there’s sugar, there’s yeast.” Blood sugar spikes mean that a lot of glucose is running around in your system, which is like a dinner invitation for yeast, which then leads to yeast infections which is not the key to a happy and healthy vagina.

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