There is no better time than right now to get your skin in tip-top shape, and if you are going to buy only one product, it should be Zinc! Everyone that knows me, understands that I have a face mask on 90% of the time, and most often, it’s one of my zinc concoctions.  Zinc is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, regulates oil, and protects and regenerates the skin. It also acts as an effective spot treatment by reducing redness and drying out even the nastiest blemishes.  There are so many uses for this miracle product, I love using it both as a spot treatment and an all over mask. It’s important to use a zinc powder that is pharmaceutical grade, non-nano, and non-micronized. SPOT TREATMENT  Mix 1/2 teaspoon zinc with A313 Pommade.  This pommade is rich in Vitamin A which hydrates the skin. This works in perfect combination with the zinc as works to dry out your blemishes. A313 also helps keep the dermis and epidermis healthy (the top two layers of skin). Mix 1/2 teaspoon zinc with oil or your favorite serum. Coconut oil is a great mixing agent for zinc. Just remember, coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it can clog the pores, so do NOT put it all over the face. Use as a spot treatment only. You can also try mixing with castor oil or emu oil as coconut oil alternatives, or my favorite skin oil from Living Libations. Cocokind Turmeric Blemish Stick Rub the blemish stick in the palm of your hand. Sprinkle with some zinc and rub together. Dab all over blemishes.  ALL OVER MASK  1 teaspoon zinc, 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel, 1 tablespoon raw honey. Make sure to use raw honey for its antibacterial properties. Aloe vera is incredibly moisturizing, and will fade/repair any scars. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, or until you feel it’s completely dry. REMOVAL  Zinc will not wash off easily just by rinsing face with water, so use a small washcloth with some coconut oil to remove.  Follow any of these zinc treatments with your favorite toner! PRODUCT ROUND UP: Zinc: A313 Pommade: Coconut Oil: Face Oil: Cocokind Turmeric Blemish Stick: Honey: Aloe Vera: Toner: Remember to tag me in your pics using your face mask! @mayaaviezer_ xx