Let’s explore the many wonders of toast! It is a versatile (and affordable) breakfast/mid-morning meal option that can range from simple to gourmet, depending on your mood. 


It all starts with a nice crispy bread as your base. My all-time favorite type of bread is sourdough. For those of you that opt for gluten free options, but don’t actually have celiac disease, sourdough is an incredible alternative. The fermentation process makes it gut-friendly and easy to digest. The wild yeast and bacteria found in sourdough starter work to effectively break down some of the carbohydrates and proteins found in flour. One of those carbs it breaks down is fructan, which is typically the most problematic for people with gluten sensitivity. Rye bread is another great option, as it is naturally has less gluten than other flours. It’s high in fiber and great for gut health as well. Here are a few of my favorite breads:

Coco Bakes

Bread Srsly

Super Bloom Bakery

Rye Fitness Bread


Play around with the proportions of these ingredients to your liking!

Coconut oil, honey, cinnamon

Avocado, butter, tomato, sprouts, garlic salt, lemon juice

Try Miyokos Vegan Butter, or a raw grass fed butter like Organic Pastures Dairy

Hummus, tomato, pepper, shaved carrot, pink salt

Tahini, endive, sriracha, sheep cheese

Heirloom tomato, olive oil, sea salt

Mashed banana, honey, cinnamon, cacao nibs

Sunflower butter, sliced banana, cinnamon, honey

Tahini and a drizzle of honey

Vegan cream cheese spread, sliced radishes, chives, sea salt, pepper

Try Kite Hill Cream Cheese

Hummus, sliced avocado, sprouts, sea salt, red pepper flakes

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