Out of town for a week and wanted to quickly show you guys what I travel with when it's not for vacation. I am in Michigan to train with my team so I want to stay on my routine and avoid eating out too much etc. If I am traveling for fun, I don't bring as many things FYI. As you can see, half my suitcase is food LOL! You could take out the exact amount you need for the week etc and put in little bags, but I was too lazy so I just brought full size of everything. I didn't need a lot of space for clothing because I just packed workout clothes. The most important thing for me was making sure I had everything for my morning and nighttime routines, so that means macro greens, tea, protein powder, calm powder and a couple different supplements including CBD to help me on tough training days. The rest I brought just to be safe. I never want to feel like I don't have something to eat and feel forced to go out and eat things that make me feel sick. Here is a quick look into the essentials I brought. Oatmeal packets - You can bring with you to breakfast with your team and family just incase you don't want to eat what's there. You just ask for boiling water and a side of fruit. Plus it's a good quick meal in the middle of the day when you're training. Rice cakes - You don't have to refrigerate and they can sub your morning bread for avocado toast. I happened to be staying somewhere with a fridge and mini kitchen so I brought the German bread I like, as well with tahini, date syrup etc. Activated charcoal - I tend to get bloated from traveling. It's a lot of stress on the body and sometimes if I don't come prepared for the flight or travel in general, it's nice to have these handy to take for emergencies or the random time I go out and drink or eat something I know my body won't really agree with. It helps absorb the bad and move it out of your body faster. My favorite is the bullet proof brand you can shop HERE. Four Sigmatic packets - OK so, I don't always have time to go find a cute coffee shop, have training early morning etc. so I always bring these little coffee mushroom mixes plus some of their nighttime hot chocolate packets to sip on when I want to have something but can't go out and buy. It's way better than drinking whatever gross stuff they provide in the hotel rooms yuck...... You can shop them HERE. CBD - I am obsessed with recovery and have really gotten into cbd recently because I finally found a company I love and trust. I got to speak with the owner and find out all the details about how they started, what ingredients they use, and what the process is from start to finish. I fully stand behind everything they are about. Their recovery balm saved me when I was traveling this summer and injured my ankle and now I have been incoorparting their nighttime recovery drops on days I have a hard practice. You can learn about them here I always tell you guys to do your own research but of course I only share products I actually use and believe in myself. CODE: ohsomaika if you purchase something. Calm magnesium powder - I use this every night regardless of where I am. It helps me recover, sleep better, gets rid of anxiety and keeps my digestion on point. Shop the one I use HERE. Macro Greens - Last but NOT least. My all time fav greens powder is Macro Greens from Macro Life Naturals. It's been the constant thing in my routine for over 5 years. It has everything I need. Pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, ALL THE THINGS. It's just a nice way to start my morning especially because I travel so much and don't always have the time to make sure I get proper nutrients through the food I eat. They were kind enough to give us a 35% off code that you can use on their website!!! CODE: OHSOMAIKA Shop

Ok that's all! Hope this post is useful for you guys!! Have a great week xx