When I’m not enjoying matcha or espresso, I love throwing cold brew in the mix! Especially as the temperatures are now heating up (although I love it year round), cold brew is the perfect beverage to make at home, and even more convenient to have on hand when you’re rushing out of the house for the day. 

The steeping process of making cold brew really draws out the caffeine and bold flavors of your coffee beans, and it actually boasts some impressive health benefits too! Cold brew is slightly less acidic than your average hot brewed coffee, making it gentler on the stomach and a good option for those with acid reflux or other digestive issues. Cold brew is also full of compounds containing antioxidants, which as we we know, help combat disease and health complications. Ultimately, as found with caffeine in general, it increases metabolic rate which in turn increases how quickly the body burns fat.

Here are the simple steps for making cold brew at home:

You will need your favorite whole roasted beans and a French press. Alternatively, if you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can purchase pre-ground beans. However, I find that grinding the beans before use makes the cold brew a lot more fresh and flavorful. The beans I use from Longevity Warehouse are from my local coffee shop and are luckily available for sale online. These beans are organic, extremely rich in antioxidants, and are much less acidic than other coffee beans on the market. Plus the flavor is INSANE! 

Grind 2/3 cup coffee beans (stick with a coarser grind for cold brew)  Place the grounds in your French press  Pour in 3 cups of room temperature water  Mix the contents  Rest the French press plunger gently on top of the liquid  Place French press in fridge for 12-24 hours  After this time has passed, press down on the plunger, pushing all the coffee grounds to the bottom Pour the contents into a jar for storing in the fridge.  Tip: Be sure not to throw your soaked coffee grounds from the French press into your sink as it will clog the drain. Empty into a separate bag and throw in the trash!  Voila! You have yourself a fresh cup of cold brew, and the best part is you’ve done the work the night in advance. I like to add a bit of water after pouring myself a cup as cold brew is more highly concentrated and caffeinated than hot coffee. Top off with your favorite milk, mine is Minor Figures Oat Milk. Feel free to play around with proportions, you can make enough to last in the fridge for a few days!  As with anything, moderation is key and I don’t recommend overloading your system with cold brew on a daily basis. Enjoy it as you see fit! Tag me in your cold brew creations!! HERE