Friendship to me is so so so important. When you grow up it’s all about who is the most popular. High school is about clicks and cool girls. Nobody teaches you the value of real friendships. Nobody tells you you’re much better off having 2 really close friends over 10 that don’t truly care about you.

You are a product of your environment and if you’re hanging around people that don’t make you better and don’t add to your life, you’re wasting your time. People get so wrapped up in ego and feelings when it comes to this shit. Everyone complicates it. It’s like if you and your boyfriend aren’t working anymore you break up, if you’re going in different directions, or realize you’re not good for each other you're able to talk about it and decide to move on, but with friends we have a hard time moving on or “breaking up.” It's so dumb because listen...

People change and evolve. That’s part of life. We outgrow people just like we outgrow clothes. That doesn’t mean that one person is better than the other it just means you’re going in different directions. Once you stop adding to each other’s lives in a way that encourages individual growth, you’re just wasting each others time. Don’t hinder your growth just because you’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. PLUS, I guarantee that once you start to spend quality time with the people that you care about most you and inspire you, it will be a lot easier to sift through the ones that aren’t good for you and you will realize how much wasted emotional energy was being used.

So now I’ve pep talked you into having enough respect for yourself and your life to let people go that don’t build you up. The next step is, how? The best way is to just let them know that you care about them but are prioritizing your time. You don’t have to cut someone out completely or be mean about it, especially if they aren’t toxic, but it’s good to be honest about where your head is at and what your intentions are. If someone gets upset and calls you names for doing what’s best for you then they don’t deserve to be in your life anyways. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth. Everyone has their own path and own stages in life. I’m not saying you need to be exactly in the same place in life as all your friends I’m saying the opposite actually. The differences are complimentary to the friendship because you learn from each other. I am more so talking about making sure that the people you’re hanging around have respect for themselves and continue to try and challenge themselves to grow everyday at whatever it is they are passionate about. That’s all that matters. I have friends that do COMPLETELY different things than me but they are HUSTLING, are independent af and are constantly working on being better. You need people that come to you for help and advice but don’t NEED you. It’s a give and take situation. If the person is just taking and taking and not teaching you anything that becomes draining. Ask yourself why you’re friends with each person. If the answer is just, eh well she’s nice, or I’ve been friends with her for SO LONG I can’t just not be friends with her suddenly... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! THEN STOP WASTING YOUR PRECIOUS TIME!!!! Life is so short, don’t ignore truths about people and situations for temporary happiness. You can see the random acquaintances at a party when you go out. Stop making plans with people just cuz you feel like you have to. Like I said, you are who you surround yourself with so choose wisely!!!

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